Q: Wait a minute… you can really design a website in just two weeks!?

Yes! Two weeks is how long it will take me to build you a custom website with all the bells and whistles. During these two weeks, I’ll be doing most of the work. Most of your work will be completed prior to the design phase. 

As soon as you’ve booked your design project with me, I will send you a Welcome Guide with some light homework - don’t worry, this part has been streamlined for you to be easy! Your homework will include just three simple steps: create a Pinterest inspiration board, fill out a questionnaire or two and gather content. Your website content will consist of copy (i.e. any written information you’d like on your site) and assets (photos, your logo if you have one, badges etc.), Keep in mind you can always partner with a professional copywriter and/or photographer if you need a little extra help with gathering your content. However, whether you decide to hire a professional or not, the Welcome Guide has tips and tricks to help guide you along the way and ensure we have all the necessary ingredients prepped before the design phase.

Q: What is branding and why is it Important anyway?

A brand is the overall perception or feeling a customer gets when they think of or come in contact with any aspect of your business. Having a solid brand starts with strategy and is a key step for any successful business. First impressions matter and are often long lasting. Having a solid brand identity is crucial as it informs all subsequent creative direction and design. I will assist you in crystalizing your business personality/goals and and communicating this strategically with your unique audience. I help transform abstract ideas into a tangible story and brand that connects with your ideal audience in a meaningful way. 

Q: What is your website design process like?

When you’re ready to book or have further questions regarding your project, you can schedule a consult call to discuss your project ( you can do this by following the link at the bottom of this page). During this initial call I can answer any specific questions you may have and we can find out if we’re a good fit. When you book your project we will schedule a start date and I’ll send over a contract and Welcome Guide. The guide will have all the necessary information you’ll need to complete your client homework in advance of the design phase. On the first Monday of your scheduled design period, we will have a one hour strategy call, then I’ll get busy working on your fab new site! During the first week, I will begin creating the overall architecture setup, creating custom CSS styling and laying out the various components of your site. I will also be creating any icons, adding in assets and generally making your site look really sharp. Once I’ve laid out the design and ensured basic functionality, I’ll send you a mockup of the primary pages so you can take a look and offer any feedback or tweaks you’d like made. It is very, very important that during your two week design period you remain attentive and available via email so that the design process remains on schedule. During the final week of your site design, I will add in light SEO, third party integrations, link your domain and make any last style tweaks. On the final Friday of your design period, I will provide a one hour live Squarespace tutorial so that you will be able empowered to update your site and keep it looking fresh! Then we launch your site!

Q: Do website projects ever take longer than two weeks to design?

Very rarely! The process I use is extremely fluid and as such it is unusual for projects to run beyond the designated design period. Because I work within such a quick turnaround, I’ve created a very simple and easy process to help you along the way. Due to the nature of my workflow, I schedule projects on a design calendar - which means I can’t easily push back deadlines without negatively affecting all other client projects. Once you’ve booked a project, I will send along my Welcome Guide which will walk you through my signature 3-step process. This process will assist you in gathering all the necessary “ingredients” (such as photos and website copy) so I can cook up  (a.k.a. design) your delicious new site! Dont worry -  if you need some time to gather the appropriate materials, I’ve got you covered. During our initial consult call, we can discuss a start date that will accomodate your needs. No stress, no mess!


Q: Why Squarespace?

I recommend (and use) Squarespace for so many reasons! First of all, squarespace is an all inclusive platform that not only allows for great customization but is also incredibly mobile responsive and extremely reliable and secure. For those who are seeking a modern, clean looking site that is flexible in terms of updates and expansion - hands down Squarespace is the answer. Additionally, with Squarespace, you avoid all the technoligical headhaches! Once built, your Squarespace site will be very easy to maintain. It won’t require complex and frequent updates to remain mobile responsive or require you to have a developer on call when things aren’t functioning. With Squarespace, I’ll do the heavy lifting and build you a great website that you can confidently rely on and update yourself. Another reason I love Squarespace is that this platform works well with third party integrations such as Mailchimp, G-suite, Acuity, (for booking appointments and services), ConvertKit, socail media accounts etc.,. Squarespace is the ideal option for: most small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, speakers, influencers, makers, bloggers and more. However, Squarespace may not be a good fit if you have a very complex or large organization.


Q: How much is Squarespace?

The most popular plans are just $12 or $18/mo! You will also need a domain name which will likely run about $12/yr. If you need a domain name, we will get you one! If you already have a domain I can transition this to Squarespace for you.

Q: Once my site is complete…will I need to contact you every time I need a change/want an update?

No way! Once I’ve set everything up and you are so excited about your freshly built site I will provide a Squarespace tutorial so you will know how to make a change if you want to. I’ll also provide a recording for ease of future reference! While I don’t currently offer any ongoing maintenance packages, if you decide you’d like to expand your business or need another page and prefer I design this for you, you are welcome to email me at: hello@meganalissa.com.

 Q: Are there any other hidden costs or fees?

Absolutely not! Honest, clear communication is one of my top priorities. I like to be very direct and clearly lay out not only my process but what’s included in a given package right from the start. Once we discuss your needs if you decide you’d like any special features or add-ons that might cost extra, I will give you the heads up. I always provide an estimate prior to doing any work.

Q: How soon can I book you?

First of all - I love your enthusiasm! Secondly, if you have all your website content prepped and ready, get in touch and you can select my next available design date! If you’re still in the process of gathering your assets and writing your copy, you should still reserve your start date. It is not uncommon to schedule a project six to eight weeks out, so even if you are still assimilating content, it is best if you reach out as soon as possible to secure your spot in my calendar. Take the first step and schedule a free 15 minute consultation call  ~ I’ll offer some guidance on how soon we can get started no matter where you’re at.