- Surface design -

I believe that when we surround ourselves with beauty the world becomes a little bit better.

I strive to infuse the world with more mood elevating loveliness to fill our everyday moments. Surface design is any type of artwork that was created with the intention of enhancing the visual appearance and/or functionality of the product it carries. Surface design exists everywhere in our daily lives. You will find designs on clothing, bedding, stationary, wallpaper, home goods and much more. If you take the time to notice, you will see an array of surface designs all around you. Below, you will find some examples of past work. Be sure to stay tuned as I am busily whipping up some fresh designs which will be available to license soon.

- The flexibility of surface design is only capped by the limits of your imagination -



Past experience

In my work as a surface designer, I have had the pleasure of working alongside and collaborating with various brands, a few of which are outlined below.