Need a visual identity for your new business, or an evolution for your existing business? I offer custom design services perfect for creative entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses.


Need Branding and Website Design? My easy, signature process will result in a professional and consistent brand look across all your digital touchpoints


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Creative Direction

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- the PROCESS -

(just four steps!)



1. Schedule a complimentary consult call. This is your opportunity to share your website and/or branding dreams! (a.k.a. we can discuss all the project details). During our call, I’ll also answer any questions you might have and provide suggestions based on your unique business. If we’re a good fit, we’ll stroll along to…

2. Reserve your design project on my calendar! Based on the package you booked and availability we’ll officially schedule your project. For website projects, you can select a time based on when you'll have all of your content (i.e. photos, copy etc.) ready. In most cases if you have no content prepared, scheduling one to two months out is ideal. If however you have everything you need already prepared, — you’re welcome to book your project during my next availability! Upon booking you'll receive a welcome guide, which will contain your client homework and give you a detailed outline of the entire design process, important dates, FAQ’s etc.

3. Breeze through your client homework. With my step by step process, I’ve taken all the stress out of getting you the goods! Whether you’ve booked a branding project, a custom website or both, I’ve made this process truly a breeze. Depending on your package, you’ll answer two questionnaires and prep your content then I’ll …

4. Design and launch your new Branding and/or Website!

(cue the confetti)

*Communication is key! As such, during the preparation phase, I'll be sure to check in with you periodically and send a friendly reminder or two to ensure our project stays on track.